Ice Roller - White

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The Original - Ice Roller - White

The Original Ice Roller is a handheld device filled with specifically formulated gel that remains cold for prolonged periods of time. It firms the skin & can help reduce redness as well as pufiness, and can be used after shaving/ waxing & after laser hair removal sessions.

- Reduces visible pores
- Has anti-aging properties
- Suitable for all skin tones and types

How to use:
1. Clean the ice roller's head and put it into a plastic bag
2. Keep the roller head in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours before use
3. Roll the ice roller on the desired area until the redness is reduced
4. Wash the ice roller before and after every use

- Do not hear this product
- Store in a cool place
- Do not use this product on wounded skin
- This product is not suitable for skins with sensitivity against cold

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The Original


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