Nutri Capilaril Intensive Nourishing Face Cream - 50ML

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Pharmaceris - Nutri Capilaril Intensive Nourishing Face Cream - 50ML

The rich formula of the preparation intensively nourishes and regenerates the skin, reducing the feeling of dryness, flaking and roughness.
The content of 4% natural dermo-lipids , including Shea butter and a special lanolin fraction, strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier, preventing dehydration of the epidermis.
The micronized diosmin used in the recipe strengthens blood vessels, increasing their elasticity and resistance to external factors.
Effectively reduces existing redness and prevents the formation of new erythema.
Thanks to vitamin E content the cream accelerates the natural, internal process of cell reconstruction, smoothing and making the skin elastic.
It soothes and soothes reducing skin susceptibility to irritation.
It absorbs quickly, spreads well, recommended as a make-up base.

How to use:
Spread the cream on the face and neck. Use every morning and evening

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