Swissestatic Skin Care Collection - N1

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Swissestatic Skin Care Collection - N1

Collection Includes:

- Hyaluron Ampullen - 30 Ampoules

-Each empoules is 1ML
-The unique Hyaluron ampoules give the skin intensive moisture. The hyaluronic acid is obtained by a special preparation process without any additions of acids or preservatives. The micronized active ingredient is optimally absorbed by the skin and develops its effect in the skin. The skin is moistened intensively and looks younger and fresher.

Active ingredients
-Sodium Hyaluronate
-Pentylene Glycol

Skin Type:
-All Skin Types.

How To Use:
-Apply one Ampoule to your face directly at night OR to be used with dermaroller sessions

- Dermaroller - 1 Pieces

-The method of the microneedling has been established for some years as a safe procedure for skin tightening, improving the appearance of the skin and in scar treatment. Collagen induction therapy (CIT) has proven to be a virtually side-effect-free treatment to improve skin structure.

How To Use:
-To be used every two weeks with any skin treatment , Please disinfect probably after each use

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