Corneo Sensilium Cream - 75 ML

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Pharmaceris - Corneo Sensilium Cream - 75 ML

The cream is recommended for regular care of sensitive and allergic skin for both acute and chronic skin irritation, severe dryness and persistent itching. It is also recommended when recovering from aesthetic medicine procedures, laser therapy, peeling, dermabrasion, or mesotherapy, as well as whenever your skin is exposed to environmental aggressors or mechanical irritation.

The dermatological cream based on a patent-protected formula helps to repair damaged skin. It focuses on promoting intense skin regeneration in areas with an impaired barrier function of the stratum corneum and with signs of thinning e.g. microdamage, irritation or chafing. It intensely moisturizes the skin and replenishes lipids to eliminate epidermal dryness and roughness, and restore the natural balance in the protective stratum corneum.

Skin Type: Sensitive Skin

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