Golden Berry & Cica Eye Mask - 60 Patch

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Gaston - Golden Berry & Cica Eye Mask - 60 Patch

Golden Berry & Cica Dual Function Eye Mask are excellent for Whitening Effect, Wrinkle improvement, Hydration & Vitilazation.
It is mainly used: for Skin Soothing, Adding liveliness & Hydration to the skin that lack elasticity and moisture.

It also:
· Easy to manage intensive care with Goldenberry and Cica Dual Function Eye Mask
· Make your sensitive skin soft and lively with Madecassoside.
· Contains Golden Berry and Vitamin to Make your dull skin clear and transparent.
· Hydrogel ingredient helps moisturizes for a long time.
· Pull moisturizing ingredients with hyaluronic acid into the skin and store them.
· Can be attached to various parts, so it can be nourished anywhere. .

Used for: Soothing, Vitilazation and intensive care.
Best For:
· Sensitive skin that need intensive care.
· When intensive care is needed, such as under-eye, nasolabial fold, forehead, etc.
· When skin soothing and healing is needed
· When the skin is dull and lifeless

Contains: 60 Patches
Main Ingredient
· Golden Berry Extract
· Vitamin Complex
· Freesia Extract
· Lotus Extract
· Madecassoside
· Centella Asiatica leaf Extract
· Asiaticoside

How to use:
- Clean the desired area, and after cleansing.
- Place the eye patch on your desired area and leave it for a 20-30 minutes or when you feel that the essence has been fully absorbed.
- After 20 to 30 minutes, remove the Eye Patch and gently tap the remaining Essence on the skin to absorb.

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