Black Eye Gel Patch - 60 Patch

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Gaston - Shooting Star Black Eye Gel Patch- 60 Patch

The Shooting Star Eye Gel Patch are excellent for wrinkle improvement and nourishment. It makes the dark skin clear and clean with the continuous use of eye gel patch. It also:
- Keeps damaged skin due to UV rays, makeup and excessive irritation healthy and nourished.
- Can be attached to various parts, so it can be nourished anywhere.
- Give calming effect with cooling after use.
- It is a natural moisturizing ingredient that moisturize and prevents moisture from evaporating.

Used for: Soothing, Nutrition and moisturizing
Best For: Sensitive and delicate skin.
Contains: 60 Patches

Main Ingredient
Puer Tea Extract
Makes skin texture soft and smooth.
Black Complex
Wild soya bean, Black rice, Black sesame, Black pepper, Mulberries fruit, Cacao, Cinnamon
It provides nutrition and conditioning, which helps revitalize skin and help maintain your skin vital and healthy.
Centella asiatica Extract
It helps to take care of healthy skin by calming and caring for skin over-sensitive reactions.
Helps sooth sensitive and delicate skin comfortably and gently
Acai Berry
It relieves hypersensitive reaction of the skin from external skin irritation by removing the harmful external substances from the skin.

How to use:
- Clean the desired area, and after cleansing.
- Place the eye patch on your desired area with the provided spatula and leave it for a 20-30 minutes or when you feel that the essence has been fully absorbed.
- After 20 to 30 minutes, remove the Eye Patch and gently tap the remaining Essence on the skin to absorb.

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