Extra Whitening for Sensitive Areas Roll - 65ML

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Afrah Beauty line - Extra Whitening for Sensitive Areas Roll - 65ML

Then, with the new concentration, we increased the concentration of placenta serum in it by 25% and with the mixture of goat milk and special enzymes from halal goat placenta protein, the cream became more effective than the glutathione used in most whitening creams and ensures a faster whitening result.

In the third edition, we added arbutin and natural laurine to ensure permanent whitening results

The product is 100% halal.

The formula is now used for the right of the knees and elbows in addition to the sensitive areas and armpits
The new product differs from the old roller in the consistency of ingredients and smoothness to suit all types of skin and the speed of the result
Noticeable result within 14 days

How to use:

- Use it daily twice in the morning and at night for at least 14 days
- Make sure the desired area is washed with water without any chemicals

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