Cordless Hair Trimmer BK1-100

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Imetec - Cordless Hair Trimmer BK1-100

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The beard is not only a current trend, but the possibility of characterizing your face and playing with your look whenever you want. To have a well-groomed and pleasing beard, it is not enough to just let it grow, it is necessary to take care of it and above all to give it the style that best matches the face.
Precisely for this reason IMETEC presents the new BARBER KIT BK1 100 , a multi-equipped beard trimmer with 6 in 1 KIT : Shaving Brush , T-Blade head (hair trimmer head), U-Blade head (3 day effect beard trimmer head), spacer combs for T -Blade and U-Blade and a comfortable casefor the beard trimmer and accessories.
IMETEC Barber Kit BK1 100 is the first beard trimmer complete with professional shaving brush with ergonomic design and exclusive Stiff Bristles that give volume making the beard appear thicker and shinier. The IMETEC beard trimmer allows high performance cutting performance thanks to the professional blades.
The heads are washable for easy and complete cleaning. The 7 settings of length from 0,7 to 13mm and the 2 spacer combs allow to obtain a perfect look every time. Operation can be mains or rechargeable.
Cleaning kit supplied.

Technical Specs:
Shaving brush
T-Blade brush: special blade to finish thick and long beards
U-Blade brush: Blade for trimming short beards
2 spacer combs to make all the beard styles you want
7 length settings from 0.7 to 13 mm
Washable: washable heads for easy cleaning
Stainless steel blades
Self-sharpening blades
Number of spacer combs 2
Number of hair cutting comb positions 7
Hair cutting comb cutting length (mm) from 1 to 13
Number of beard comb positions 7
Beard comb cutting length (mm) from 0.7 to 13
Autonomy (min) 45
Charging time (h) 12
Charging led
Cleaning kit
Pouch: to conveniently store the beard trimmer and accessories
Mains and rechargeable operation
Voltage (V) 100-240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Mains and rechargeable power supply
No. batteries and type 2 x Ni-MH 600mAh AAA
Cable length (m) 2
White color

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