O2 Bubbly Spa (4 step+) - Raspberry Sorbet

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Voesh - O2 Bubbly Spa (4 step+) - Raspberry Sorbet

- The most deep cleansing and bubbliest Spa Pedicure treatment.Enriched with Key Ingredients: to give your feet the nutrition it needs.Each product is individually packed with the right amount for a single pedicure.Set Includes Bubby Soak, Sugar Scrub, Bubbly Mud and Massage Butter.

- Experience a refreshing, fun, fizzy and scent-sational bubble bath for feet
- Cleans and unclogs pores for a smooth and pore-fect feet!
- Soothe and invigorate skin
- Reduce wrinkles & fine lines. Welcome youthfulness!
- Detoxifying and purifying for a well-toned skin.
- Increase blood flow and stimulate circulation.
- Improves overall health of your feet. Safer skincare with powerful result.

How to Use?
- Bubbly Bath - There are 2 sections to the Soak Tear sachet from the MIDDLE and pour both sections at the same time. Pouring the Soak in running water will create more bubbles. Fizzy & Bubbly with citric acid!
Sugar Scrub - Scrub the soles to remove dead skin then work around the entire foot. Gently massage for exfoliation then rinse completely and pat dry. No Silica, No Microbeads!
ubbly Mud - Apply Bubbly Mud and leave it on during nail preparation (cut, shape, etc.), DO NOT COVER WITH PLASTIC WRAP. Bubble formation speed is based on body temperature. Highly refined mud with Oxygen Bubbles!
Massage Butter - Apply Massage Butter and massage gently. Effortless gliding formula.

Key Ingredients:
- Raspberries,Flower petals

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