Beard Shampoo - 150ML - N 0412502

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Beardburys - Beard Shampoo - 150ML - N 0412502

beard shampoo for cleaning the face and beard. The sulfate-free formula guarantees gentle care for a soft beard and protected skin.

- Helps to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss, greater hair nutrition.
- It allows to maintain better the moisture and the natural oils of the hair. Greater protection of hair and hair follicles.
- Promotes hair growth thanks to the regeneration of hair follicles, purifying and fungicidal action.

How to Use:

- Moisten the beard with warm water and apply the necessary amount of shampoo depending on the type and density of the hair.
- Extend and distribute the product, massaging with the fingers all over the surface of the beard. Rinse with plenty of water until all shampoo residue is removed.
- Dry gently to remove moisture and use a special beard comb, before it dries completely, to give it the desired shape.

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